Le Sangreal



I’m a fun, passionate and exciting woman who loves adventure. I enjoy traveling to new destinations and meeting new people, my neighbor calls me a pioneer. I’m passionate about everything I do. I’m a very gracious host and I love to entertain and make my guests feel at home, which is how I got into the wedding business. Some of my favorite books are “Sidhartha”,” Mists of Avalon”, “Modoc” and “Women who run with the Wolves”. I raised 4 wolves on this glorious property and was known as the Wolf Woman of Malibu, I’m a woman who runs with the wolves, LITERALLY…..lol!!!  I’ve lived in London, Paris, Milan, NYC, Chicago,Toronto, LA and now Malibu and have traveled all over the world as an international model. I have to say, I was happiest in Italy, and fell in love with Portofino …LOVED the cave with the elevator soooo James Bond!!!!!

Some of my favorite movies are Matrix, The Gladiator, Avatar, Cinema Paradiso and of course Dances with Wolves…dah!!! I LOVE ALL MUSIC… the language of the soul and healthy organic food. I truly enjoy the simple things in life, traveling with my son Teo, dinner with friends, dancing and yoga!  My Therapy, is ripping through the mountains in the pitch black of night in a full gallop. My philosophy, life is a roller coaster, the bigger the life the wilder the ride…YEEEEEHAAAAAAAA!!!